A dedication blog to the Dark Magician Girl / Black Magician Girl.
No art is made by us. All art will be sourced~
[ please do not remove sources ]
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Black Magician Girl 2011.07.14

by Alcoholrang

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by お釜谷ユウジ


by ユザ

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by なむ

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by ~QuirkBiscuits

Dark Magician Girl

by *KevinRaganit


{Original title: べんきょうべんきょう

Artist: ななめ}

kayron-the-shy sent:

Oh gosh! so much DMG! *w* it's so beautiful, the page is so cute, INSTA-FOLLOW! ♥w♥ (are there dark valkyrie pics too? :D)

It is a blog dedicated to DMG, so there’s going to be lots for people to enjoy :)

I’m glad you like it!


Unfortunately, no. There aren’t much Valkyrie fanart, but for it to be posted in here… DMG has to be in somewhere. If there will be any later, it will be under the tag page c:

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